Master Huang Sizzling House – Castle Plaza

Master Huang Sizzling House – Castle Plaza

Master Huang Sizzling House – Castle Plaza


Project Type: Commercial Fitout
Project Location: Edwardstown SA
Year: 2024
Team: Elia, Sandra, and Joseph
Cost Estimate: A$150,000

Project Description:

Master Huang Sizzling House, renowned for its ready-cook sizzling food, has been a staple in Adelaide’s Chinatown for over a decade. With a successful business history spanning 10 years, the owner has decided to expand the venture by opening a second location at Castle Plaza.

The new restaurant design takes inspiration from the original Chinatown location, featuring the signature yellow and black color scheme. However, to subtly enhance the design, additional elements have been incorporated to create a more immersive dining experience within a compact 40 sqm area.

Key Design Features:

  1. Color Scheme: The dark background provides a sophisticated backdrop, contrasting with the vibrant yellow accents that define the brand.
  2. Material Use:
    • Timber Textures: The main counter and top signage are adorned with timber, adding a warm and welcoming feel to the space.
    • Polished Concrete: The flooring introduces an industrial aesthetic, seamlessly blending with the modern design.
    • Metal Feature Ceiling Tiles: These tiles enhance the industrial style, contributing to the overall contemporary look.
  3. Innovative Elements:
    • Mosaic Tiles: For the first time, mosaic tiles have been used, injecting a youthful and dynamic element into the design.
    • Mesh Feature Wall: This element effectively separates the service area from the dining space, optimizing the layout and offering diners a fresh, new ambiance.
    • Ceiling Design: Circular metal ceiling tiles create a unique visual interest and enhance the lighting design.
  4. Lighting: The use of hanging pendant lights contributes to a warm and inviting atmosphere, complementing the overall aesthetic.

Master Huang Sizzling House at Castle Plaza promises to deliver the same beloved sizzling dishes in a refreshed environment, combining tradition with modern design to enhance the dining experience.

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