/ Geomancer & Feng Shui Consultant /

Mia currently working in Australia and has experience in Feng Shui for Homes. She learned from Master Meng Qiao, who has over 60 years of experience in Feng Shui. Mia has been studying under his guidance for two years. Her areas of expertise include I Ching and Bazi for over three years, Feng Shui for Homes for over two years, Aromatherapy Divination, Eastern Tarot Reading, Hexagram Formation, and Auspicious Date Selection.

Services Offered: Feng Shui for Homes, including personal life hexagram formation, Nine Palace flying stars, and annual hexagram formation.


  1. Mia first confirms the layout of the house, and external Feng Shui influences, and determines the house’s orientation. Combining the client’s life hexagram and the distribution of Nine Palace flying stars, a layout plan is created to arrange the house’s energy.
  2. Communication with the client takes place to establish the details of the Feng Shui arrangement, considering the client’s budget and providing auspicious products for enhancing luck.
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